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Ideas to promote your business online using inbound marketing

Posted by Shade Wilson

May 5, 2012 10:37:00 AM


So much has changed with the explosion of digital marketing and social media over the past few years. It's forcing every brand to be smarter about where they invest their precious time and budget.

Where do you start if you're looking for ideas to promote your business online?

Your prospects are spending more of their buying cycle researching solutions online. In fact, one study from HubSpot found that prospective buyers spend upwards of 70% of their buying cycle researching online before they engage with a brand's sales team.


Here are 3 ideas to promote your business online using inbound marketing


1 Offsite and Onsite SEO

Over the past few months Google has released two new algorithms to crack down on sites trying to game the system to gain rankings. First the Panda, and now Penguin releases have rewarded websites that provide fresh valuable content with higher search rankings. Quality content is the raw material of good Offsite SEO and will help your site get found.

There are also Onsite SEO steps every site needs so search engines can find and catalog your content. Look at your page titles, descriptions and keyword tags and be sure they are all in good order. As you develop your web pages or blog, be sure you don't over optimize it with too many or too high a density on any individual keywords.

Not sure how to correctly optimize your Onsite SEO? There are a number of tools and plugins on the market that can help you. A few that I've used with good results include WordPress SEO by Yoast, Inbound Writer, and HubSpot.



2 Blogging | build presence, demonstrate value

Blogging may just be one of the biggest factors in building traffic for a website. It's one of the best ideas to promote your business online. When done well, it will positively impacts both your search engine rankings and engagement with buyers on how they perceive you as a valuable resource to solve their needs.

Your blog offers you an opportunity to create keyword rich content that can the search spiders will crawl and catalog. However to blog effectively using blogging as one of the ideas to promote your business online, you need to have a plan.

Companies that Blog average:

  • 55% more website visitors
  • 97% more inbound links
  • 434% more indexed pages

source: HubSpot


  • Be clear about who you are targeting
  • Know what is their challenge or need that you can help them solve
  • Share knowledge and expertise without over selling
  • Forget to integrate your blog and website
  • Stray off topic or into unrelated areas from your main expertise
  • Be TOO product focused. Instead focus on solutions and how-to.


3 Promote Socially | leverage your network, nurture a following

Another of the ideas to promote your business online is through social media. There's a seemingly continuously expanding list of social media platforms to keep up with. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, are just a few. Instead trying to be all things and on all platforms, start by establishing some ground rules.

Set goals based on outcomes


Be where your customers are


It's not always about you


Don't forget the power of groups



What would you judge a success? traffic, new leads, new customers. Be sure you know what you're trying go achieve before you start.


For many B2B brands that's LinkedIn. For B2C you're likely to have more success on Facebook. If you're a visual brand, and target a strong female demographic Pinterest is very interesting.

Your buyers are not looking to be sold to on social media. However they could be receptive to helpful tips, or how-to types of messages. If you can build real interaction into your strategy, then you have a winner. Just be sure if your goal is to get them to your website the call to action is to visit www. yoursitehere for the full content.


For B2B marketers particularly, be sure you leverage LinkedIn Groups and Answers to help build your company's profile as subject area experts.


Inbound Marketing is gaining real traction with both brands and buyers. It's emphasis on helping brands get found, engaging buyers during their research stage, and demonstrating a company's expertise with quality content like eBooks, guides, and white papers is delivering results and positive measurable ROI.


For more information on how inbound marketing could help you:
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Generate more leads from that traffic
  • Convert more of those leads into sales ready conversations
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